By Quenten Chad

How To Market Your Spa (5 Spa Promotion Ideas)

When it comes to marketing, it’s important to always keep it fresh.

Cool new ideas will differentiate you from your competition and make it easier for your audience to remember you.

It’s also important to keep up with technology and marketing trends, because every marketing strategy is most effective when a smaller number of businesses are using it. The more it’s used, the more commonplace it becomes and consequently, loses its effectiveness.

In this article, I’ll share 5 ideas on how you can promote your spa business, so let’s get right to it!


1. Retargeting Ads:

This is one of my favorite things. We have spent over a million dollars on retargeting ads on Facebook specifically.

Retargeting is a form of remarketing that enables you to follow up with people who have shown interest in your business before by visiting specific pages on your website, or subscribing to your email list.

Retargeting can be done on multiple advertising platforms, and it usually works the same. When it comes to Facebook, you’d go to your advertising manager, pick up your Facebook pixel code (from your business manager settings) and place this code in the tags on your website. If your website is built using WordPress or ClickFunnels, this process is even easier and there’s usually a dedicated field for this code in their respective settings panels.

Once you have this code installed on your website, you’re able to show different ads to people who’ve visited different pages on your website.
For example, if someone visits a page where you talk about a special offer that you emailed to your list, you can now show them an add that asks them why didn’t they take advantage of that offer and if reminding them that it will expire soon.

This is my favorite marketing strategy. It’s going to provide you a lot of new customers. If you don’t have Facebook Pixel installed, make sure to install it right now.

2. Scheduling Software:

I believe big time in automating everything you can for your business. That is why we were able to grow our business and make more than a million dollars in only 53 days. This was possible due to automating certain things in our business.

Scheduling software is the one that will automate your booking system to a certain degree for those people who choose to book via your scheduling software. It is going to keep everything more organized. I know a lot of spas are still using spreadsheets and paper books to keep a record of the bookings. It is much better if you have everything organized in one software.

One thing to make sure about your scheduling process is that online booking should not be the only way to book a session with your spa. This way, you lose a lot of customers because not all of the people like to book using online software. They prefer to book over a phone call or simply by texting. We get an insane amount of people booking through texts.

So, make sure not to stick only to scheduling software. Be open to taking bookings via other methods like on a call, or over a text message.

3. Selfie Station

Having a  selfie station in your salon is an awesome thing!

People love to share their selfies on Instagram and Facebook.

All your need is a selfie spot in your salon where people can take and post before and after session selfies with their friends or even post that they are at your spa.

When people post about your business on social networks, you’re automatically getting FREE organic reach.

This is really worth setting up!

4. Email Marketing

Number four on my list is email marketing.

Email marketing contributes to 30% of the total revenue of our business. If any business is making one hundred thousand dollars a year without email marketing, then they can raise it to over one hundred and thirty thousand dollars just by simply implementing email marketing.

Email marketing doesn’t only work for spa businesses.

It works for every business in the world.

Apart from FB advertising for the spa businesses, we are running an e-commerce business, as well, and 30% of our E-commerce sales come from email marketing.

That is why email marketing is so important for your business. If you don’t have it set up right now then go ahead and set it up asap.

5. Automated Texting

The last one is automated texting. I think this is the most effective thing to do for increasing your business’ revenue.

I’ve recorded a full explanation on how we flooded a local spa business with 42 new customers using automated texting and a couple more tricks, in only 30 days. You can watch the tutorial by clicking here.

In this video, I explain how we get spas new customers by using three methods.

1- Facebook Video Ad

2- Lead Generation Form

3- Automated Texting

The reason I am telling you this is because our number five method is automated texting. It is super easy to set up and by implementing it, you can get way more bookings than you are getting right now.

If you want to find out exactly how it works, you can watch our free tutorial here.


So those were the 5 ideas on how to market your spa business. I hope that you found this useful and I sincerely hope you implement at least one of them asap!

Thank you for reading! Until next time.