How Peak Medical Spa Got 60 New Customers For a Botox Lip Flip & Made Over $4600 Using VIRAL Video Ads.

"I've never seen marketing work this well. From the day our campaign went live, we started getting new customers booking in non-stop."
Dr. Mike Barret
Head Surgeon at Peak Medical Spa
Peak Medical Spa - Located at 501 Haddon Ave. Haddonfield, NJ 08033


New Botox Leads
New Botox Bookings
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If you are someone who owns or manages a spa business, we highly urge you to read this article until the very end. You will see exactly how a new spa business was able promote themselves to get crazy amounts of awareness, and then turn that awareness into actual paying customers & bookings. 

The article you’re about to read is step by step instructions which you can implement yourself – and when done right, this can and will make your spa business a lot of money. 

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The Challenge:

Since they only recently opened their doors, the big challenge for Peak Medical Spa was establishing themselves as the ‘go-to’ for Botox implementations.

They needed to generate Brand Awareness, and then turn all of that awareness into actual paying customers as quickly as possible.

Campaign Goals:

Primary Goal: Drive revenue to the business by generating leads (people interested in Botox Lip Flips), and convert those leads into actual bookings.

Secondary Goal: Maintain a relationship with non-ready to buy leads, until they become ready to book an appointment. 

STEP BY STEP How My Spa Rocket Generated $4600+ for Peak Medical:

Step #1: Viral Facebook Video Ad to Generate Awareness.


We created this viral video promoting Peak Medical Spa’s Botox Lip Flip, and used Facebook & Instagram to advertise it. 

Peak Medical Spa paid $10-$20/day to get it shown as an ad to their target customers. Specifically women, ages 25-65+, in the South Jersey area.

The reason we utilize viral videos is because they instantly STOP people from scrolling and focuses their attention to the message in the video.

It’s exactly the kind of video that thrives, brings in hundreds of clicks, signups, engagement, and most importantly… a lot of bookings!

As you can see in the video, we explain what the Botox Lip Flip offer is, show other happy customers who got it, and then we tell them to click “Learn More” if they want to get their Botox Lip Flip for a special price!

When they click that button, this is where the step #2 comes in…

Step #2: A Lead Form to Capture Leads


A lead form is a simple way for people who see the viral video to sign up & claim the offer! This form also collects their contact info.

When the lead form opens up, it will ask for the persons name, email, and phone number.

Once they submit that info, boom! They are now ready to become a customer!

The last thing to do now is book them in for their appointment. To do this & book as many people as possible, we setup automatic follow up messaging using 3 different mediums:

Email , SMS , and Facebook Messenger. Which brings us to Step #3…

Step #3: Automated Messages to convert leads to customers.

A customer who booked after getting the automatic text message.
Another customer who booked after getting the automatic text message.

As soon as someone signs up through the ad, we immediately send an automatic text message asking when they want to book their appointment.

Customers LOVE texting back and booking this way because it’s fun, quick and easy! Since we started using this texting feature, we’ve seen booking rates increase by over 300%!!!

However, not everyone will respond back with a text message 🙁 

Some will just forget! But hey, that’s okay! Everyone forgets sometimes!

Since we want to maximize the number of booked appointments, we setup automatic emails to remind all of them of the offer!

The sequence of emails are scheduled to send over the next 5 days, encouraging them to actually book an appointment. Check out the one below!

Final Recap:

Campaign Days
$ 0
Money Spent
$ 0
Money Made Back

Peak Medical Spa’s viral Facebook video ran for a total of 30 days. 

They spent a total of $1,100 on Facebook ads and made back $4,600 in instant revenue!

This means we earned Peak Medical Spa a 4.12x ROI. This means for every $1 invested they made back $4.12!! #winning

Leads Generated
Immediate Bookings

We were also able to generate 240 leads, and out of those, 62 of them to book an appointment immediately!

At the same time, we reached over 22,000 people in the local area with this ad, creating brand awareness that has now established Peak Medical as the ‘go-to’ for Botox treatments!

$ 0
Lifetime Value of a Customer
New Customers

Now the most powerful part of this entire campaign is that the LTV (Lifetime Value) of a Peak Medical customer is about $350. Those 62 customers aren’t going to be customers just once and then disappear – they’ll be back several more times & will refer friends and family!

$ 0
Future Earnings from LTV

This means that from the 62 people that came in, throughout the next year or so Peak Medical will also earn a total of about (62 people x $350) = $21,700 in revenue from the customers that came through this campaign, PLUS the leads that haven’t purchased in the first month are very likely to purchase next month!


Do YOU Want To Implement This Marketing Strategy For Your Spa Business?

This viral video marketing strategy works for ANY kind of spa (regular spa, med spa, massage, salon, etc.)

Whether you have a new spa that’s just getting started or an already established spa… the bottom line is this: you need more customers. 

If you want to GROW your business and make more money, you need more customers. 
And the Viral Video method you saw above is the ONLY WAY to consistently get new customers for your spa business in 2022.

So if you want our help in setting this up, use the calendar below to schedule a call with the My Spa Rocket team. We can setup this entire thing for you!