FREE Customers Inside

By Quenten Chad



I hope you’re staying safe (and sane!) throughout this coronavirus insanity.


Part of my job is to help your spa be successful. I take this VERY SERIOUSLY because I know that your livelihood depends on how well your spa does. My livelihood depends on you doing well too.

So we’re continuing to produce content that will help you grow your business even during the pandemic.

We want your spa to be STRONGER than ever once this craziness dies down.

Today’s topic is how to get a FREE digital billboard for your spa business that will bring in dozens of new paying customers every month!

What’s so crazy about this is…

So many spa business owners don’t know about this.

This means it’s an almost guaranteed way to one-up your competition, if you do it correctly.

What I’m talking about is…


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Before you start tuning me out…

Let me explain.

You’ve probably heard of “Search Engine Optimization” which involves ranking at the top of Google’s search engine results.

“Local SEO” is how to rank #1 on Google whenever someone in your area searches for your type of spa.

It sounds intimidating but I promise it’s not.

Simply put, it’s a way to make your spa business more “findable” online, so that any internet users near you who are looking for a spa to visit find your spa and NOT your competitor’s.

And unlike online ads, you can do local SEO completely for FREE (but it takes a little more time to see results).

For example, let’s say your spa is in New York City. Roughly 27,100 people per month search for “spa NYC” on Google ALONE. These are people who want to visit a spa in New York City.

Simple so far, right?

If your spa business appears at the top of page 1 of the search results for “spa NYC,” it means that AT THE VERY LEAST 27,100 people will see your spa business every month.

Are you following?

When we break it down a bit more, that’s 903 potential customers a day!!! If you’re not ranking #1, but still on page 1, you’ll receive about 10% of all views, meaning 90 prospects a day will see YOUR SPA.

Still with me?

If you’re turning 10% of these views into customers, that’s 9 new customers A DAY!!!

If that happened to your spa business, how many more customers would be getting per day? How many months in advance would you be booked out?



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