“The Best Decision I Ever Made is Working with My Spa Rocket “

By Quenten Chad

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This time we catch up with Payton Beard, the owner of 801 Spa & Beauty (https://www.801beauty.com/) who shares her experiences working with My Spa Rocket.

Payton told us, “I’ve paid other companies in the past to do marketing for me and it’s either been not profitable or I barely break even or it’s just been a total bust.”

But with My Spa Rocket, she’s booked out WEEKS in advance and has hired new staff to keep up with the demand!

But, don’t take our word for it, hear it directly from Payton herself how she:

  • Booked her calendar out weeks in advance
  • Doesn’t have to answer phone calls anymore (because she’s using our virtual receptionist service)
  • Has been able to give up control and spend more time doing what she loves 
  • Hired new aestheticians to help her business grow
  • Gets customers who are paying FULL PRICE for her services
  • Has had word of mouth referral after referral thanks to our ads
  • Has been able to take an extra day off EACH WEEK

Payton says, “Now I have more time to spend with my family and I have more time to spend inside the spa.”

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