How Spa Owner Jennifer is EXPLODING Her Bottom Line with My Spa Rocket’s Help

By Quenten Chad
Are you a spa owner? Do you struggle to get new clients? Learn how we help spa owners FLOOD their spas with customers.
In this video, you’ll meet Jennifer Bonhomme, the owner of Gold Coast Exquisite Beauty, and learn how she’s successfully SKYROCKETING her business using My Spa Rocket.
In addition to working with marketing pros (that’s us!), Jen offers fellow spa owners like you some super helpful tips for growing your spa:
1. Upsell: Offer your clients extras and don’t be afraid to mention other services.
2. Show Proof: Have before and after photos, testimonials, or other proof that you’re the best.
3. Use Marketing Materials: Brochures, flyers, and other print material can showcase your work and give prospects a tangible reminder of your spa.
4. Don’t Let Fear Win: It can be scary to venture out on your own, but don’t let that hold you back.
5. Ask for Help: Reach out to other people who are already successful to learn what they’re doing right.
6. Just Do It: It can be hard to launch your own spa business, but Jennifer says to just go for it!
7. Start Somewhere: Even if you can’t afford your own space yet, start somewhere so you can grow.
8. Hire the Pros: If you want to SKYROCKET your business, get our team to work for you. We’re marketing experts who’ve helped spa owners like you rake in THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS and DOZENS OF NEW CUSTOMERS each month. For an average cost of $10 per lead.
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