How To Get More Spa Customers with EMAIL MARKETING!

By Quenten Chad
Looking for new ways to do marketing & get more spa customers into your spa salon business? If you’re not already using email marketing to get more customers bookings appointments into your spa…. you are DEFINITELY missing out!

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If you’re a spa salon owner, in this video you’ll learn how email marketing can bring in an extra 30% in additional revenue for your spa business.
Email marketing is something that spa, med spa, and salon owners seem to NOT take advantage of, because they think it’s too complicated or that it doesn’t work!
If you want to get more spa customers, you need to leverage your current customers first. Using email you can get them coming back into your spa over and over again.
As a general rule of thumb, you should be sending 3-4 emails per WEEK! And if you think that is too much or would be too annoying, just: remember, if you’re not emailing your spa customers, another spa will!