How To Market Your Spa Business (5 Spa Promotion Ideas)

By Quenten Chad
Looking for new ways to market your spa salon business? Would you like to have more customers coming to your spa and booking appointments? Perfect!

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Here are 5 Spa Promotion Ideas you can implement for your spa business today, to start getting new customers and getting your spa salon (or med spa) business out there.

To summarize this video:


1) Use ‘Retargeting Ads’!

Many people will land on your website, but most of them won’t book an appointment. Once they leave your website… you have no way of reaching them again!
However, by installing a retargeting pixel, you’ll be able to reach all those people over and over again until they do book an appointment! This is a great way of promoting your spa.

2) Use scheduling software!

This will allow you to systemize your business and keep things organized. NOTE: Do NOT force customers to use your online booking if you setup a scheduling software!
Some customers prefer booking their spa appointment through call, email, text, or Facebook, so be open to that as well.

3) Setup a selfie station!

People love to share on social media. Whether they’re coming into your spa or med spa for a facial, massage, hydrafacial – whatever it is, encourage them to share on their social channels by setting up a selfie station, which will in return promote your spa business.

4) Use email marketing!!

This is HUGE. For every customer that comes into your spa, make sure you’re collecting their email. Email marketing for your salon or spa business can bring it a huge amount of revenue when done correctly.

5) Whoops – forgot a number five!

Nonetheless, hope you learned something new with this video! If you just opened a new spa, med spa, or salon, getting new customers into your business is key – so use these 5 spa promotion ideas to market your spa and get new clients!