By Quenten Chad

January 2020 Recap and How We SLASHED Client's CPL by 50% and Continued to GROW


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January 31st, 2020




January was a BIG month for the team at My Spa Rocket.


And, more importantly, it was the BEST month for our clients. By far!


Here’s what happened.

1. SLASHED Cost Per Lead by 50% (from $6 to $3)

With a lower cost per lead, our clients are getting a MUCH HIGHER return on Facebook ads. That’s more bang for their buck! 




So what does this mean?


Our clients are getting TWICE as many leads for the same amount of money spent on ads. 


We’ve literally stretched our clients’ dollars by 100%.


This means more potential customers, more leads to generate more revenue over time, and of course MORE PAYING CUSTOMERS consistently coming through the doors.


How’d we do it? 


By testing, testing, and testing some more, over and over again, because it’s our job to make sure our clients get the best results possible! That’s the My Spa Rocket way 😉


2. Developed New Software


This software is really cool! We’ll be posting a deeper look soon but the bottom line is that it’ll now be so much easier for spa owners like you to convert more of your leads into PAYING CUSTOMERS. 


Basically this software SAVES YOU TIME and helps you MAKE MORE MONEY.


Using this software has saved our clients countless hours every single week, allowing them to focus on what they’re good at (and boosting their profits). 


Here’s a peek under the hood:


3. Started Building a Team of Virtual Receptionists

We’re really pumped about this one because it’s going to help so many of our clients. Literally, this could save A TON of businesses from shutting down.

Many of our clients unfortunately do not have a full time receptionist. As a result their phones, texts, and emails are going unanswered. 

Without answering client inquiries, these spas are MISSING OUT ON FREE REVENUE. It’s devastating. 

People are phoning in wanting to book an appointment and NO ONE is answering. 

It’s a common problem in the industry.

So our team decided to FIX this. 

Starting this week, our clients will now have a team answering their phones, texts, and emails…with 24 HOUR COVERAGE! 

And, the best part is that our team is professional and well-trained! They know how to turn phone calls into booked appointments.


This means more of the people interested in visiting your spa will become PAYING CUSTOMERS.




4. Brought on an additional 5 full-time team members 

We’re committed to reinvesting in our business.


That’s why in the past month we hired 5 new top notch employees


These employees are here to serve our clients (YOU!) and help you grow your spa.


They include:

  • 2 new video editors to make more VIRAL VIDEOS

  • 2 new spa advisors to help spa owners grow their business

  • 1 new account manager fully dedicated to being there for our clients

We’re so excited to see how our growing team can help you rock your business!


5. Partnered with 11 New Spa Clients


Wohooo! We partnered with 11 new spa owners last month and our entire team is super excited!


That means 11 new spa owners are giving us the opportunity to skyrocket their spa. 


We’re really pumped!


And to make My Spa Rocket the absolute BEST it can be, we’re going to document client success stories.


This will let us continue to improve our service and help you replicate success from spa owners who’ve been in your shoes.


If you’d like to participate, let us know.


3 MAJOR Lessons Learned


In addition to killing it for our clients, we also learned some super important lessons this month.




As any startup will tell you, the first few months can be completely crazy.


But this month, we decided to focus on one thing at a time. 


We tackled one project and finished it completely before moving on.


This has been crucial and is allowing us to get better results all around and, of course, to best serve our clients.




As a spa owner, you know that building relationships with your clients is important. 


After a lot of mistakes, we learned how important it is to build REAL RELATIONSHIPS with our clients. 


That will always be the number one focus for us because we’re invested in your success.






The bad news: we had to fire 7 employees last month.


It wasn’t because we couldn’t afford them-we’re always looking for the best talent.


It’s because they weren’t a fit for moving our business forward.


Do you have any employees that are holding you back? Maybe they’re not willing to learn, or they’re stuck on their phones instead of doing their jobs, or they’re costing you time and money?


If you have employees that aren’t a good fit, it’s time to find new help.


Don’t wait, do it now. 


It’s your business, your goals, and your dreams. Don’t let anyone hold you back. If someone isn’t driving your business forward on a daily basis, you don’t need them.


#4 Bonus: Reading Recommendation


Check out this book “No B.S. Ruthless Management of People and Profits” by Dan Kennedy.


He drops straight value and this will IMPROVE your business. 

It’s less than $15 and totally worth the investment. 


That’s it for January 2020. We’re looking forward to a kickass February!


Oh, btw, if you want to grow your spa let’s chat!


First we’ll see where you are currently at. Then see if we can confidently help you grow your spa.