My Spa Rocket Behind the Scenes – Where the Magic Happens

By Quenten Chad

Today we have a very special video for you! We take you inside our weekly meeting of spa marketing gurus, so you can see what My Spa Rocket is all about! 

Meet Quenten, Jovan, Christian, and (most of) our other awesome team members from all over! We set aside this time to talk about the week’s challenges, successes, and other cool stuff that happened while working.

We also do this to remind ourselves why we do this in the first place – to make our customers happy!

And how do we do that?

With results, revenue, and IMPACT!

“Impact” is one of our core philosophies, which simply means doing things that matter above all else. We set priorities and go full throttle on tasks that will give our clients and ourselves the most benefit!

Thinking with “impact” helps us keep our heads in the game and see results much faster, which all leads back to making you, the super awesome spa owner, happier!

So if this is the sort of team you want to have taking care of you and your spa business, contact My Spa Rocket today, so we can begin FLOODING your spa with new paying customers: