One Important Lesson That Will SKYROCKET Your Spa Business Profits

By Quenten Chad
There’s one crucial lesson which drastically improved our business and helped us earn $1 million in just 53 days.
Sounds too good to be true, right? But it’s absolutely legit and something you can replicate for your spa business or ANY kind of business.
And the lesson is…

Don’t be afraid to invest in your business.

That’s it. Simple, right? Because it really is.
Now hold your horses! We’re not telling you to start spending left and right or drop all your savings into a dozen new electric spa tables. Nonono!
That’s something only stupid spa owners do.
The keywords here are “DON’T BE AFRAID.”
So instead, find something that will consistently give you a positive ROI and put in AS MUCH money as you can.
Start with a few dollars, test it out, and if it works, slowly amp it up and you’ll MAKE OUT LIKE A BANDIT.
We did the same for our business, spending $10k in just one day to earn back $38k! That’s almost a 4X RETURN. Amazing, right?
How did we do it?
The secret sauce here is Facebook Ads + our special 3 step funnel.

The 3 steps look a little something like this:

1) Create a Facebook viral video ad
2) Prepare a contact form where your potential customers can leave their name, email and phone number
3)Set up automatic texting
What will happen is, your potential customers will see your super cool video with catchy music and engaging content.
Then they’ll click on the video’s call-to-action button and fill out your form. You don’t even need to offer a discount!
That’s them telling you they’re interested, practically BEGGING you to contact them. But since you’re busy and have more important things to do, we set up automatic texting that goes out as soon as they sign up.
After that you’ll get tons of responses from paying customers saying: “I’M INTERESTED!” How AWESOME is that?
It’s like having the world’s best salesperson working for you 24/7 like clockwork, WITHOUT needing to pay them any crazy commission.
And you can do all that in just 3 SIMPLE STEPS with a budget as low as $10-$20. For that small investment you can get a guaranteed return of $70, $100, $300 or whatever the cost of your service or product is.
So are you brave enough to invest in your business? #smartspabusinessowner
If you need help taking these FIRST 3 STEPS to SKYROCKET your Spa business profits, schedule a FREE, no obligation strategy call with us today!