By Quenten Chad

How to Get More Customers with Email Marketing??

If you are a spa business owner and you made $100,000 last year, you could easily expect to make $142,857 using the properly set up email marketing. $42,857 is not a small number and you can’t just ignore how effective email marketing is for the growth of your business.

In this blog post, I am going to explain why you’re losing thousands of dollars by not doing email marketing for your spa business and how you can improve if you are already doing email marketing but not getting meaningful results.

The reason I’m so sure that email marketing is so important is that I have multiple businesses running right now, and for each one of them, email marketing contributes to approximately 30% of the revenue.

And 30% is a huge number when it comes to the extent that something can increase your revenue that much within the existing infrastructure. Think about it, how many contributing factors in your business amount to this number? Do any?

So, What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the most direct form of communication between you and your customer. Email is still used for communication and people will probably keep using it for years to come.

Unlike other platforms that you can utilize to communicate with your customers, email marketing minimizes the chance of distraction.

In an email, it’s only you and your customer, and it’s very personal. 

This gives you the opportunity to communicate your message much easier, being able to focus more on its substance and less on its appearance, whereas in ads for example, you NEED to stand out if you want to be noticed, thereby making it hard to focus on what’s important, which makes it a completely different ball game.

This is why email marketing offers a variety that’s extremely useful and ultimately, contributes directly to your revenue.

How To Do It?

As email marketing developed over the years, so did the available software that makes email marketing more accessible and capable of some really cool marketing stunts.

For somebody who’s just getting started and testing the waters, there’s free software available online which can be used to set up email marketing campaigns. One of our favorites is MailChimp.

It’s been around for a while, and today it integrates with pretty much any given marketing platform that you’d like to use it in sync with. 

You can use MailChimp to completely automate your email marketing right now, for free.

Now the next question is, when do you email your prospects, and what do you email to them?

At MySpaRocket, we email our list as often as possible while trying not to overdo it. This boils down to approximately an email every other day, but there are times when we send out an email every single day, or even multiple times in a day. This completely depends on what the goal of the campaign is and what the message is that you’re trying to communicate.

We make sure that if we send multiple emails, we have a really good reason for that (a special offer that’s going to expire soon, reminders, etc). We also make sure that our emails aren’t salesy but instead provide value. This way, it’s much less likely that a prospect will be annoyed by them, no matter the frequency. 

What Should You Email To Your Prospects?

There are multiple types of email campaigns that you would like to run in order to maximize the benefits of your email marketing.

Typically, all emails could be divided in three categories.

1. Promotional emails

These are the emails where you directly incite your prospects to take action.

They are important for an apparent reason. If you don’t try to nudge your prospects to action, they are going to be much less likely to take it on their own.

To make the most out of your promotional emails, make sure that your email answers the following questions:

  • Why should your prospect take action?
  • Why not take it with a different spa?
  • Why take it right now?

If you answer these questions, your emails’ impact is going to significantly increase. 

For example: 

  • They should take action because this session will provide them with X results which they need because of X, Y and Z
  • They should take this action at our spa because we will provide them with a special discount/bonus/etc
  • They should take it now because the offer has limited availability and it’s going to expire in X hours

These emails should not be sent every single day because you’re reducing the value of your “special” offers if they are so readily available. 

Instead, make sure that you time this right. 

We often send out special offers during holidays, like Christmas, and on days like Black Friday.

This time of the year, people will expect discounts everywhere, and their mindset shifts to where they are certain they are getting more value for their money than they usually would.

You can also send a special offer for an occasion like an anniversary that’s important to your business, an important milestone, or similar. Just make sure that you have a good story behind it and not to overdo it. 

2. Content emails

The second group of emails are content emails, or basically, emails that are there to provide value to your prospects

The reason these emails exist is that you want to keep in touch with your customers, you want to keep engaging, but not only by trying to sell to them, as that’s not going to build a meaningful relationship, and ultimately, it will lead to poor results. 

So as a replacement for promotional emails, we send content emails.

These emails will contain something that’s beneficial to your prospect on its own (not a coupon code).

There are different types of content and thereby, different types of content emails.

If you are a content creator, you can share your content with your prospects. If you’re creating YouTube videos, you can send the link to your videos to your prospects, using email marketing. Same goes for blog articles. Make sure you always include a short recap of your content piece in the email itself, so that the prospect will know what it’s about which will incite them to click on the link. 

If you aren’t a content creator, you can always send out links to other people’s content that you find relevant. But here’s the thing, you want to make sure that you have a real plan behind your content.

The goal of content is to educate the audience so that ultimately, your services will look more appealing, or necessary, to them!

So keep that in mind no matter what content you’re sending out.

3. Reminders

The whole purpose of reminders is to make sure that your prospect actually takes the action that he’s already committed to in the past.

If someone schedules a session in your spa, you can put them in the system and follow up with them a couple days before their booking time, 24h before, 6h before, and 1h before to make sure that they don’t forget about their session and that they actually show up.

These emails are quite often overlooked, but although fairly simple and straightforward, they tend to make a huge impact. 

BONUS: Automate your emails!

Naturally, in order to send your emails to multiple people every day, and do so in specific time intervals, you need help from a software that’s designed to do just that.

Using MailChimp that we mentioned earlier, you can set up multiple email sequences and send out emails without lifting a finger. 

The emails will be sent to every person who is included in your email list, automatically. 

So all you really need to do is set up your email sequences once, adjust the schedule, and the software will take care of the rest.

This is another reason why email marketing is so powerful. Once you get it right, you don’t need to do anything about it. Just let it run on its own and it will continue generating revenue for you.

If you are looking to find more ways to get more customers, you should check out how we got a local spa business 42 new customers in just 30 days using simple tricks on Facebook. You can watch this quick explanation video here.