Tips for GROWING Your Spa from a Spa Owner ~ Emmanuel’s Story & KICKASS Advice!

By Quenten Chad
This video’s awesome guest is Emmanuel Martinez, the owner of Ambiance Massage Experience, who shares some really cool tips for running a spa business.
Here are some great tips you can use TODAY to boost your spa’s growth!

#1 Customize each customer’s experience and then OVERDELIVER on it

In the spa business, customer service is king. That’s why you need to get as much information as you can from your customer and really listen to what they want.
And when you know what it is, do it immediately. Give them instant gratification so they relax more and enjoy their experience at your spa.
That’s how you create happy & returning customers. Keep in mind that you have to deliver a service THEY want and that fulfills THEIR needs. Not what YOU think they want or need.

#2 Word of mouth is still a very powerful tool to get more business

Simply provide the best service you possibly can and all your happy customers will advertise for you. Your spa business will naturally come up in casual conversations, sparking interest, creating new customers, and spreading like wildfire from person to person.
Creating advocates for your spa is cost-effective and powerful because they’re essentially “selling” your spa for you! There’s no “pushy” sales tactics or resistance for them to overcome. Just pure & super effective endorsements!

#3 Don’t be afraid of failure

This one is quite simple. The more you fail, the more you learn, and the easier it becomes to do things right. Just take that first step.
And even if you fall, get up and keep moving! Remember the saying: “Failure is the mother of success.” No one became successful without failing one, two, or a hundred times.

#4 Digital marketing is a shortcut to success

The best strategy for getting your spa new customers quickly is DIGITAL MARKETING! Powerful tools like Facebook Ads help you succeed way quicker than ever before.
Just think about it… In the past, you’d have to go door to door, hoping someone would open up, take your business card & coupon, and actually come visit your spa business.
But in most cases, your card and coupon would end up in the trash can. And you can only talk to so many people in one day…
Digital marketing flips all that on its head. You don’t have to go anywhere. People who respond to your business on social media are more than likely to visit you. And you can flood your business with new clients without ever leaving your spa!
That’s exactly what the My Spa Rocket team helped Emmanuel do, landing him a TON of new clients!
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