What the Coronavirus Means for YOUR SPA

By Quenten Chad

Unless you’re living under a rock, you know there’s a global pandemic going on right now. People are freaking out left and right. And a ton of businesses have shut down temporarily. If your spa business is one of them, don’t just sit in the dark! Instead, start preparing for when things go back to normal.

This means:

  • #1 Keeping in touch with your clients – provide encouragement and helpful tips to make it through these stressful times.
  • #2 Being a leader – lead by example, keep calm, and stay active. This will reassure clients and lessen their mental burden.
  • #3 Rationing your resources – minimize spending so you can make it through the corona winter!
  • #4 Planning ahead – have a clear plan of action for when things go back to normal
  • #5 Preparing to blow your competition out of the water – since your competition is probably fumbling in the dark, you’ll be way ahead of them once the coronavirus clears up. Especially since you took the 4 previous steps to stay relevant.

But if your spa business is still open, great! Just make sure to take extra precautions and do everything possible to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

This includes:

  • #1 Regularly disinfecting your tools
  • #2 Opting for single-use products whenever possible
  • #3 Ensuring you, your clients, and your staff are frequently washing hands
  • #4 Waiving cancellation fees so sick patients don’t come in and infect everyone
  • #5 Deciding to temporarily suspend activities and enact the preparation plan above instead

That being said, I’m not a doctor! So be sure to also check the the CDC’s guidelines for disinfecting: https://bit.ly/33rp8Gq

If you’re panicking and have no idea how to make your spa business survive the global pandemic, click here to sign up for a free rescue call at My Spa Rocket.

Peace and stay safe!