Why the Coronavirus is actually a GOOD thing for your spa business

By Quenten Chad

Coronavirus Survival Guide #1
First, let me start off by saying I hope you and everyone in your life are staying safe.

The coronavirus outbreak is some scary shit and people are definitely panicking.

And it’s totally understandable why.

But, so many people are totally CONSUMED by worry about this virus and its aftermath that they’re losing sight of the big picture.

This is actually good news for SMART spa owners.


Before you think I’m some sort of psychopath rejoicing in people’s pain (I’m not), let me remind you what my job is.

My job is to help spa owners like you GROW their businesses.

So it would actually be wrong for me NOT to tell you to take advantage of an opportunity.

Hear me on this: I’m NOT saying that you should profit from the coronavirus. The people who hoard supplies and profit from doling them out are scum.

What I AM saying is that while everyone else is running around like chickens with their heads cut off, you have the chance to FOCUS ON YOUR BUSINESS and make sure it continues to grow. 

THINGS WILL CALM DOWN…and when we’re back to normal, you can either be in one of two positions.

You can spend this time freaking out and end up WORSE OFF than you were before the outbreak.

– OR –

You can come out on the other end of this STRONGER and MORE PROFITABLE than before!

NOW is the time to invest in your business! Ad prices are lower than usual – take advantage of that to build up your list of leads. 

Communicate with your existing clients so you remain top of mind.

Make sure you focus on GROWING your business during this TEMPORARY situation.

DO THIS NOW while your competition is freaking out! 

That way, when the world returns to business as usual, you’ll be POSITIONED to become the GO-TO spa in your city!

TODAY is the day to start doing this. Not tomorrow, or in a week, or in a month.


And, please, feel free to email me back with any specific questions you have about your spa. I’m here to help you grow your spa – it’s my passion (and I’m damn good at it)!

Stay safe,